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The God of Poker. Poker God never loses. Poker God always knows the right time to fold. Poker God always calls the all-in bluff. Poker God always gets the card he needs on the river. Even when Poker God has no hope of winning, he shall invoke divine intervention in the form of an invalid card. Poker God has the power to scare people into not calling his bluffs.

Poker God Facts

Some people fold preflop. When you play the Poker God you fold pre deal. He just takes the blinds.

No one raises Poker God unless he lets you.
Poker God once won the world series of poker despite him holding just a joker, a 2 of clubs, a 7 of spades, a green number 4 from Uno, and a Monopoly 'get out of jail free' card.
I had the Poker God eliminated with a nut flush against the two pair, however, the divine intervention of the Poker God was invoked and a Walgreens card came up, thus nullifying the hand and fucking me over for the rest of the game.
by columbusdiscoveredgold July 13, 2011
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