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Poker Bum- is a person that hangs out and plays poker in card rooms 24/7. This person usually plays poker just to get by and has no career goals or actual income. In general they are irresponsible, burnt out negative people with no work ethic.
To spot a Poker Bum aside from his constant presence, you may hear him complain about how much money he used to have and how unlucky he is. This person may randomly and unusually be nice to you for the sole purpose of trying to 'Bum' money from you.
by Purplelair February 03, 2010
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An intense feeling of pain in the anus which is experienced randomly and causes the victim to act in a strange fashion as if they have just been poked with a sharp stick or 'poker'.
"arrrrrggghhhh f*** i've got poker bum!"
by flannelex January 01, 2010
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