a small haunted area(town) in Central Indiana where teenagers often drive around to get scared and have fun. It is in the middle of nowhere
by Brent September 07, 2004
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Anything that is bad including situations, objects, people, actions, ect.
Being shot by a bank robber would be pretty podunk.
by silverotter June 02, 2010
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A small, insignificant german town that needed to be bombed out during WWII but wasn't because of some 500 year old university that has no access to internet. also any place that removes asbestos from a dorm building with occupants still inside.
"Dude, I took the bus to get to town this mourning and the driver pulled over and got out so he could take a smoke break. What a fucking podunk town."
by steeltoe September 04, 2006
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a new stereotype which is pretty much what every other stereotype doesnt cover

its for people too poor to be scene and too happy to be emo
Lindsee: hey there should be a stereotype for people like us
Allie: yea what should we call it
Lindsee: i dont know podunk?
by Allie Eastman August 28, 2008
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TM. titling, mushed.
poop on the microphone.
the most stig-like piece of ciggarette ever.
that's so redneck hick-like.
It's not trademark unless it's po'dunk.
by [R]eality October 08, 2007
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