A derogatory (though usually joshing) term for a person implying that they are backwater or uneducated.
"You are so podunk, you think Hungary is what happens before eating."
by Sleightflow October 22, 2012
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The name of an Algonquin tribe that lived on the east side of the Connecticut River. Now it just means remote small town shit hole, in reference to small town shit holes in eastern Connecticut today.
Sprague? Why would I go to that podunk shit hole!
by reversehandle April 19, 2016
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A piece of shit, cheap or decrepit tool, car, or house. Anything not up to a higher standard. Could be a person who performs a terrible job/service. Anything of low class standards can be referred to as podunk rather a person or a thing.
This podunk lawn mower uses a screw driver in place of a key.

These podunk workers should be building a barn instead of a house.

Your podunk car doesn't ever start, stalls at traffic lights, and has no air conditioning.
by KevinB2003 July 16, 2012
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Lee Ma. Go to Price Chopper, and see the creepy dude that tried hitting on you in one of the 2 small bars. Walk down main street where you run into your sister's best friend's mother's boyfriend, and he even knows about you.
What to do tonight?

Price Chopper run?


That's living in Podunk
by trinkles453 November 20, 2010
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A small, one horsed town without technology besides the one, harder than concrete, orange truck that EVERYONE uses.
Greensville, Florida. (Family name Greene)
by Jace Greene July 29, 2005
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Lincoln, Illinois ....... except minus the rednecks, and add a few more whiggers
Lincoln person - Hey foo where ya been?

Rich person from outside of Lincoln - Oh, I was just vacationing in California.

Lincoln Person - Fo reals?? Aint that in like Europe or somethin? How you get that kinda money?
by feedmebiatch February 28, 2004
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