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The first hit of crack a crack head takes. This paritcular hit is usually credited with getting them hooked and thus ruining their lives.
Person 1: Why John be buggin out all the time nowadays?
Person 2: Cause he hit that plymouth rock.
by Bogga Red April 03, 2007
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The spot where the Mayflower landed, so named because the rock's shape somewhat resembled a Plymouth automobile. (Hey it must be true --- renowned historian Dave Barry said so himself! :P)
The whimsically-tasteful car-themed landscape (Cadillac Range/Tailfin Pass, Wheelwell Motel, Coolant-Filler-Cap Mesa, Hood-and-Fenders Bluffs, etc.) of Radiator Springs is hardly anything new --- almost 400 years ago, the Pilgrims named their original landing-point "Plymouth Rock" due to the rock's being shaped something like a Plymouth automobile.
by QuacksO June 21, 2018
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