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Origin: "Creme de la Creme"

Direction Translation for Plebs: "Plebeian of a Plebeian"

Synonyms: "Shittiest of the Shittiest"; "Worst of the Worst"

Definition/Meaning: The lowest state in life achievable that is even lower than rock bottom; A verbally insulting name that is extremely difficult to be cleansed of once you are labeled as pleb de la pleb by an innocent bystander
1) Your taste in television shows is pleb de la pleb if you liked Jersey Shores.

2) If you like Adam Sandler's acting, you are a pleb. It's forgivable. But if you like Nicholas Cage's acting, you are the pleb de la pleb! May God have mercy upon your soul!

3) Anna left me after she caught me being a pleb de la pleb in the bedroom.

3) You have a pleb de la pleb score in Tetris; I play better with my feet.
by AnGrYRameN April 03, 2016
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