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A pleasure selfie is a selfie taken that has no more than one person. The person is usual smiling, looking serious or sometimes even smizing (smiling with their eyes). A pleasure selfie is most commonly posted on Instagram with the caption being a quote about love, heartbreak, loss, sadness, happiness, the opposite sex. Pleasure-Selfie takers also use captions such as "I'm so ugly", "Deleting soon", Not sure about this' and the good old "#ewmyface" these captions are used for people to say "Oh no, you're beautiful" or "Don't delete you're gorgeous". These Pleasure-Selfie takers can be found in many places so watch and always keep one eye open.
Jim: Did you see Monica's pleasure selfie it was so hot
Bob: Yeah but she's totally fishing for compliments
by lexie_watermelon08 April 28, 2015
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