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Just like the movie it is pleasant and nice. In "Pville", everyone knows everyone in the village and the High School is a mere 500 students. A spec of catholisim in an area of jews (yeah u know it Briarcliff and Chappaqua). It is made up of almost all Irish-Italians. The kids in the village drink like it's their job. Alcohol is very prevelent in a small town with five bars and a very lenient police force. Pleasantville is the ideal place to raise a family. Its very white, very catholic, and everything about it is warm and high-class.
Q: Hey, what are those kids from Pleasantville, NY doing tonite?
A: Throwing it up, pong style!
by BiggieQ December 04, 2005
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A town that really isn't that pleasant. A small, ugly town in Westchester, nothing special about it except for the Jacob Burns Film Center, which no one in Pleasantville goes to anyway. Boring town with lots of girls with badly dyed blond hair.
Person: Oh, you live in Pleasantville? Is it pleasant there?(laughs)
Me: (fake laughs)Yeah...(plots to kill person)
by heather September 17, 2004
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