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Small southern town outside of the larger Greensboro, N.C. Home to small people with big hearts. Also known has "Pleasantinias Gardinias" which means "home of happy Pilgrims." This small time town in North Carolina is known for its slow way of life, so slow that there is only one stop light in the entire town. A place where 100% teenagers go to high school then 2% go to college and the other 98% stay around and hit on small teenage girls that are naive and gullible. The other 2% return from college and see their classmates performing tedious work that could be completed by primates while covered poo. Also it is politicians dream or nightmare depending on how one wants to view small town politics that believe they are the most important in the world. There are also lots of native squirrels which roam the streets at night in ravenous packs and have been known to eat small children and domesticated animals. Share cropping still exists in this medieval village where presidents of the lions club still implement Prima Nocta.
Pleasant Garden
by Edmond Appel Dantes November 22, 2009
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