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The best game shop in Kent. The games are cheap the service is friendly and the staff are always willing to help out. You can also play on thier LAN connection against other gamers for only &2.00 an hour. Where else can you find that?
Once, I was out on a trip with my friends. I bought a game, thinking I had enough money for the bus fare home, I bought a game. Later I realised I didn't have enough money. I ran back to the shop, asking for a refund. They gave me the amount of money I needed and let me keep the game!!! If you ever buy any games in Folkestone, make sure they're from Play Away.
by Ant April 23, 2005
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To put a girl you are seeing on hold for a while, i.e. to take a temporary break from seeing a female, with the plan to eventually scoop her back up at a later date.
Fred: Hey Man, whatever happened to Cindy?

John: Oh man, I had to put her on playaway for now, it was getting too serious.
by C-Dog H-Bone December 08, 2009
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