Term referring to the male or female genetalia
After the movie we went home and she gave up her flesh pizza

She wanted the back door delivery of my flesh pizza
by friendofchickenslave July 11, 2013
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My uncle told me to flip his pizza. I have no clue what the fuck it means
"Go Flip my pizza boy" Anon's uncle exclaimed
"What the fuck?" Anon responded with confusion
by Vinneyhd February 02, 2018
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Floating pizza comes from the group called da "Meatballz". And it means, when da pizza floats. And when da "Meatballz" get "it in".
Shit girl, we're getting floating pizza this evening
by dameatballz March 14, 2011
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A sassy,gangsta women!
She is hot.She is sexy.
She wears glass,that will make you fall for her ass.
She got a pure heart,and spreads happiness as fart!
There's Fluffy pizza!
by AnonymousGod69 September 26, 2019
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When seven guys all put their extremely cheesy cocks on some dough and sauce
Damn I could really go for a nice dick cheese pizza right now ughh zaddy
by Yvng pizza October 10, 2020
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