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-The type of explosive diarrhea you have after eating too much pizza and chasing it with Diet Dr. Pepper. Usually followed by a stinging sensation and then spontaneous anal combustion. Known widely to clog toilets within 30 seconds, usually requires 5-6 flushes and several rolls of TP.
-A common misunderstanding of the use of the phrase "piece-of-shit"
Dude 1: Man, I wouldn't go in there if I were you!
Dude 2: Why not?
Dude1 : It smells like a piece-of-shit!
Dude 2: A pizza shit?! Fuck man, I told you not to eat that second jumbo meat-lover's with marshmallows!
by DaBigPizzaShit April 19, 2009
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Another way of saying "Piece of shit" which is more demeaning. Often used when you cant come up with a proper come back or insult.
Guy 1: I just stole your kill
Guy 2: You... You... Pizza Shit
by Vladimir Tootin June 23, 2014
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The extreme version of "piece of shit"
If the person is so shitty as to not even deserve to be called a piece of shit- You call them a pizza shit or, alternatively a "Pizza Fuck"
Yo dude- the way you just killed that baby with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch was super fucked up...your a complete pizza shit.
by BallHogMike July 08, 2018
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