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A terrible Canadian chain of Pizza delivery restaurants in Canada. Known for their inflated prices and cardboard pizza somehow they continue to make record profits.
Pizza Pizza -A perfect place to find flavourless Pepperoni, shriveled Mushrooms and burnt pizza crust.
by Chucky McChucklsteiner April 17, 2011
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Brand-name (thus ubiquitous) food for the culinarily challenged (especially inexpensive fast food).
You want some pizza-pizza?!? Dude, you're in Paris!
by bB March 22, 2005
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when your partner is "hot and ready" like the Little Cesar's slogan; horny; come and get it

Little Cesar's is known for having pizzas that are "hot and ready" when you arrive.
This is not usually used in a sentence. Maybe a gif or picture is better. Your significant other will get the idea ;) (pizza pizza)
by dontluvdeezhoes February 02, 2017
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