Something you use in school so people won't know you're talking about PornHub
Alex: Yo, did you see Lexi and her boyfriend on pizza hut?
Thomas: Holy shit yeah, it was fucking hot
by Kumiko_Diamondsphere December 27, 2019
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pizza hut is a pizza hut you know this cmon what are you doing searching up pizza hut what do you think it means
i want pizza hut
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by jklkskql;[po May 30, 2020
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A food chain that sells pizza, an amazing victim of prank calling.
“Hello, this is Pizza Hut. What may I get you today?”
“Hello. Can I please have a Big Mac?”
“… ma’am, this isn’t a McDonalds…”
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by astroizuku June 18, 2021
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