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It's like a pizza... but you don't cut it up so it's like a giant cookie.
Guy: Hey Dude, I'm so hungry for pizza but I haven't got a cutter

Dude: Hey Guy, just have a pizza cookie
by Bloodyscenekids April 17, 2009
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Pizza cookies are infamously known around the world to millions of gamers in the Guild Wars Prophecies, Factions , and Nightfall series, as well as many other online games. A pizza cookie is a phrase used by the ubber leet sauce players during any part of the game which warrants a cookie. Like clearing FoW or winning HoH GvG PvP and so on. Pizza is a highly nutritional food which fuels gamers into the night. Naturally a brilliant mind put the idea of cookies together with pizza and created the craze now spreading all over the world. Players offer virtual pizza cookies as a gesture of thanks.
Sir Jon C: " zomg! we just pwnd everything "
Big Fizzy: " NUKES FTW!!!!!!! "
Sir Jon C: " gj e1 "
Time of Dot: " PIZZA COOKIES !"
Big Fizzy: " PCs own "
Time of Dot: " well off to bed ive been playing for 38 hours "

by FHunter March 22, 2007
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