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Gay. Fuckin' extremely gay. A place we could call home. No beer drank, no la' la' la' smoked, no penises inserted into vaginas, no nuclear wasteland scenery in the morning, no brawls, and lots of happy neighbors. Pize's Pad has many iterations, though its original incarnation, affectionately referred to as Pize's Pad OG, is where the notoriety of the tenant and his friends first began. Also labeled the "Den of Inequity" by Rizzy Reap.
{Upon waking up at 3PM, and being under the impression you have a gaping head wound, only to open your bedroom door to face your mother} "Where were you last night?!" "Holy shit mom, I feel fucking badass... Oh I was at Pize's Pad."
{The mother subsequently smiles and cooks lunch}
by Pize October 13, 2004
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