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A random annoying phrase in Hindi designed to calm someone down in a patronizing manner. The phrase was originally coined by a Sikh college student by the name of Gulkamal Singh in India in 2001 as his characteristic phrase while attempting to parody a saint (In India every saint has their own characteristic phrase – like “shanti shanti” i.e. – peace peace). The phrase quickly became popular among the college students an is presently used among several youths in India
Asshole: Hey Dick - lets blow up the world.
Dick: J nai nai Piyoosh Piyoosh (translation: no no Piyoosh Piyoosh). You should not indulge in such activities.

The word Piyoosh can be used to represent anything in an annoying way for example:

Gay man looking at a man's big dick: Wow – thats a fine Piyoosh you got there.
by Gulkamal Singh January 26, 2008
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