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A Pixey kid known as a "pixey" when over 16 is someone who is influenced by all aspects of rock from "The Jam" to "NightWish". Pixey Kid's are generally very happy people, there clothing style can be varied. Pixey Kid's stick together in close groups, they create thier own individual culture. Pixey Kid's are extremely musical people and are often mistaken for Emo Goth or sometimes even Punk or MOD
"Man that Pixey Kid pisses me off so bad"
by Lawrence Armstrong October 30, 2006
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A 'Pixey Kid' or 'Pixter' is a term for someone who is influenced by all types of rock/hardcore/punk/emo/alternative music. Their style varies from person to person, which is more than whats to be said for 'Scene kids' or 'Emo kids' who all look exactly the same.

In general, a Pixey kid has slightly similar style to Emo except more colorful, but not as random as Scene.

For example; tight jeans of any color for girls, also skirts are great, but not really short ones. For boys jeans, or any normal pants are acceptable, bright t-shirts with anything on them. Stripes and swirly patterns are very popular. Preferred shoes are Converse Low Tops of any color.

Girls jewelery, big earrings, colorful bracelets, colorful belts ect..

They differ from scene and emo in this way, they are not guided by strict rules of fashion. In general, bright clothing, as Pixters are happy,normal people with unique interests in music and lifestyle.

The exeption is that Pixey Kids must own at least 2 My Melody items as that is very popular for Pixey girls.

Pixey hairstyles are basically semi-scene hair. Not as outrageous are pure-blood scene, but still stylish and awesome.

Natural hair-colors are fine, with maybe a dash of bright color for girls.

Important Note: Pixey Kids DO NOT WEAR BOWS! They are for 3 year olds and scene kids!

Theirs none of that xXxScenexXKweenxXx crap going on, on Myspace they use their normal names, but with little odd symbols like ☏★♧ in their names.

For personality, they are generally nice, people but with strong opinions. They love their ipods with their life, and in general discuss music.
Pixey Kid1: Have you heard this song by We The Kings? It's fantastic!
Pixey Kid2: Oh yeah, that's my favourite one! Its mega, man!
by ღPixeyXDustღ April 11, 2009
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