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A friend that only hangs with you if you are sad or depressed they pity you. They don't actually care about you.
Shania only hangs with Laquisha when she's sad. What a pity friend.
by Sam Leisenring April 12, 2015
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A friend who you don't really care for, but you talk to them out of pity. You're probably looking to dump them nicely. They probably only have you as a friend and are super clingy.
My pity friend has smelly hair and chews with her mouth open.
by TreeFlailer December 24, 2014
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Someone you are only friends with out of pure pity.
My pity friend is fat and obsessed with Inuyasha.
by Kaity v January 04, 2008
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Someone who you don't actually like, but you hang around because you feel bad for them and/or you don't want to hurt their feelings. It's likely that a pity friend will end up either bugging you constantly or hardly ever speaking to you. Having a pity friend technically counts as being a fake friend, however it is somewhat different in that, unless you're really an asshole, you'll likely end up trying not to do anything to purposefully hurt them. Pity friendships are usually established in an attempt to be nice to the friend. However, it's not a healthy friendship to stay in for long, and you should end as quickly as possible, especially if the friend ends up a burden on you.
I need to cut ties with my pity friend, they're really stressing me out.
by NeonPsycho September 08, 2019
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