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A Native of Pittsburgh who decided that they would like to be perceived as an Italian despite having less than 30 percent italian heritage and some times no italian heritage at all.
-or a female native of Pittsburgh who has married and doesn't disclose her obvious Irish maiden name and has fair skin yet claims to have mafia ties because she is italian.
-or anyone in pittsburgh who would feel it would be cool to be like the Sopranos so they say they are italian
Married Man-1: my wife is a feisty deigo, she has that hot-blooded italian temper,and her family has mafia ties, I have to be nice to her.
Married Man-2: Oh...I thought that pale skinned blonde was your wife? she looks familiar what's her maiden name?
Married Man-1: yes that's her, her maiden name is O'Brien
Married Man-2: well that's an Irish name, She must be Pittsburgh Italian then!
by ethnibuster November 07, 2006
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