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When a professional hockey player scores 3 goals in one game, the third goal being when the opposing team's goalie is pulled, making it an illegitimate hattrick. Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin have both done this on numerous occasions and are credited with being "goal bitches" after both complaining about Steven Stamkos scoring an empty net goal in his last season to tie Crosby for the Rocket Richard, and Alex Ovechkin shitting on both of them the previous several seasons for the award. They are now made fun of and notorious for scoring empty-net hattricks.
Ah, man! I can't win a Rocket Richard Trophy on my own, so I'm going to score some Pittsburgh Penguins Hattricks to catch up even though they are for pussies who love the limelight!
by nhl_commish November 28, 2010
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