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A cesspool of a school full of losers, racists, and wiggers and pretty much everything in between. I’d say %90 of the students have no future outside of the school and will go on to live in Pitman for the rest of their lives. I would bet working at one of the local pizza shops or other restaurants is the brightest most of their futures will ever be. More than half of the guys treat girls like actual dog shit. The children are so obnoxious and are simply a reflection of the past students parental ability which is shitty at best. The school and town as a whole are so racist it’s sickening. One black family was treated so horribly they moved out of the goddamn town in a few weeks. It’s a poor little town that essentially has no worth, not the people or anything else. It has one of the highest concentration of pedophiles in all of South Jersey, and it’s lake Alcyon was once the most poluted body of water in the entire country. I think I can count on two hands give or take a few the people I actually like and respect at the school. I’d say the greatest honorable claim to fame the school has is that it was the original hometown of a great fallen American hero and United States Army Ranger Sandrino Plutino, but that is it. Few else I have met from there are actually worth a damn, and it’s so few that I wouldn’t even group them in as Pitmanites, they’re all black sheep in a town full of futureless assholes.
Pitman High School Kid@ a black kid minding his own business: Why is he standing there? Go back to Africa.
Pitman Guy: send nudes *sends it to three different girls simultaneously*
Pitman Kids: yoooo man lets go take a juul break in the boys bathroom like were about to shoot a gay porno
Non-pitmanites: I hate the people here I honestly cannot stand this school or town and cannot wait to get out and see how much more to life there is than this dirt.
by Äpÿr June 03, 2018
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a obnoxiously orange, tiny a** school in southern new jersey
rumored to have a tradition of incest (vomit)
racism (very true, the n word is thrown around in almost every sentence but they don't really care because the school is 99.5% white kids)
most of the kids are probably the dumbest sh**s you'll ever meet. the girls are so jersey trash, it's sickening.
and 95% of the school will probably stay in pitman for the rest of their lives pumping your gas or serving your hamburgers.
the teachers aren't so so bad, and neither are 5% of the kids that attend the school.
but the rest honestly have no hope. they are forever losers

pretty much jersey rednecks, no lie
Kid at Pitman High School: uhh wtf is canada
Another Kid: uhh idk i think it's a town near mexico
by lolz omg May 05, 2010
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A high school in Turlock, CA that opened in 2001. It is a distinguished school, and is full of mostly mexicans but it is a pretty diverse school with lots of Assyrians and Indians and, of course, white people too. Its rival is Turlock High School, and Pitman usually beats them in football but loses in other sports.
Pitman High School needs a stadium.
by 4eyezzzz June 29, 2010
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