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The ancient Greco-Roman practice of having sex with another man's thighs.
You: "Yeah man, I didn't have a condom so we just pita pitted all last night."

Me: "Aw gross. Did you get tzatziki all over that?"
by kyleman11252969429 December 14, 2009
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A really great and healthy place to eat.
A much better choice in fast food than going to McDonald's.
You chose a white or wheat pita, the type of meat you want in it, toppings, sauces, and cheese.
It's like Subway, except with Pitas...and no 5 dollar foot longs.
I went to Pita Pit and left happy, full.....and didn't increase my chance of having a heart attack.
by Christine Q. January 11, 2009
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An extremely good place to eat that is healthy and gives you a lot off booty.
Man I just had the best food!
wut was is
by sean berry June 21, 2006
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