Cheap beer that contains very little alcohol. In the 70s 3.2 beer had this title, but since the national 21 year old drinkiing age it has been difficult to obtain. Now piss water is usually shitty beers like nattie ice and busch. Stupid college kids drink these beers. Don't be those kids.
Man, this piss water sucks. I've been to teh pisser 5 times and I'm not even buzzed yet.
by Billy The Impaler December 14, 2004
Carl- "Hey, Chuck, is there any high-life left?"

Chuck- "No, sorry just a six pack of piss water somebody left in the fridge"

Carl- "Oh. Yeah i'm defiantly not a fan of that piss water so called Nattie Light"
by The_Buddy January 1, 2010
The liquid left at the bottom of the bowl, after you've eaten all of the cereal and all the fat of the milk is absorbed.
Just ate a bowl of Krave, and all I was left with was a bowl of Piss Water
by Sir Butternubs October 14, 2012
when you drink too much and it dont have any color, smell, or taste and its pretty much just water
bruh, ... piss water
by thedictionary2 May 22, 2020
when you drink so much water that your piss has no color, smell, or taste and its pretty much just water
bruh, ... piss water
by thedictionary2 May 22, 2020
Slang for the beer sold in Utah which has a very low alcohol content. Got the name Mormon Piss Water from an urban legend which states "the mormons drink all the good beer and when they piss afterwards, they bottle it up and sell it to the general public."
Person 1: You drunk yet?

Person 2: No, and this is my 17th beer.
Person 1: You must be drinkin that Mormon Piss Water
by YoungSully January 2, 2010
Eh Canadian name for Corona beer.

It can be identified by its bad taste, yellow colour and low alcohol content. Often seen on hot sunny days sitting in direct sun light adding to its already rotten flavour.
eg.1 - Mike was camping up the road at Spray lakes Canmore for the weekend reached into the cooler and to his horror pulled out a Corona and screamed " Who bought Mexican Piss Water!"

eg.2 - Doug drove his friend to the liquor store to buy beer Doug's friend returned with a case of Corona, Doug turned to his friend and said "you paid money for Mexican Piss Water ?"
by Canadian Word Smith April 14, 2015