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1. Being so excellent that your body must rid of the excess through easiest means. Can be used as an end-all to all arguments because you piss excellence, what do they got?

2. A slang term for getting piss-drunk on top notch alcohol.

(variations: pissed excellence, pissing excellence, piss e, pissed e, pissing e)
1. Monica: Bill, you ruined my dress.
Bill: Its okay, I piss excellence.
Monica: But, we'll get caught.
Bill: Its okay, I piss excellence.
(In this example, Bill can obviously do no wrong...)

2. Bill: Hillary, I don't want to wear this dress.
Hillary: This is what you get for getting caught. Besides, I piss excellence, put it on.
3. Fred: Dude, last night I so pissed excellence. It was pimp. I was like a pimp.
Ted: Yeah, it was pimp.
by pjrabit December 06, 2007
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when some one thinks they are greater then everyone else
Tom:"Yeah dude I can eat all i want and still stay skinny"
Brad: "Well not all of us piss excellence in the morning"
by Aries90_Ps3 August 19, 2008
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