A drink from Starbucks that James Charles loves. It’s a strawberry açaí refresher with coconut milk.
Customer: What’s a pinkity drinkity?

Barista:It’s a strawberry açaí refresher with coconut milk! James Charles the beauty guru’s favorite drink here!

Customer: I’ll take 10 please!!!
by CaRmEx BeEcH! October 05, 2018
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The drink James Charles a sad youtuber tells everyone to grab while watching his youtube videos on make-up tutorials.
"Hey sister, make sure you grab your pinkity drinkitys and use my code "james" for a 10% discount on all morphe products"
by carcilee November 28, 2017
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A basic girl who is also a blind-siding hoe. She seems nice with her leggings and scrunches but she is really just stealing your man who has no interest in you but is looking for one of these girls. They also tend to be popular.
by caseybobassie October 09, 2018
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a starbucks drink that James Charles and his Sisters are obsessed with however it tastes like butt
James: hey sisters! i’ve got my pinkity drinkity!
by Nixooos October 29, 2018
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