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A girl who has accidentally spent too much time in the sun, most often at the beach as she likes to attempt to get her black on. Her bubbly, flirty, cheeky and fun charecter means that she is hunuted by men and is an endangered species. She is not "that fat" but has a sexual body and innocent appearing face, she is most likey an alnegro (coz she can shake her booty like a black woman with the flexibility of a gymnast) and likes to have crazzy random sexy time adventures with her token crazzy adventure friends...there is never a dull moment with a pinkie minkie especially when she has had a few drinkie drinkies.
Any sexy girls who are loud, fun, dances like nobody is watching, are always up for random adventures, adopt the motto "fuck boys, i just wanna dance!" and are not DBC's are real pinkie minkies (even if they arent sunburnt)
by Chut May 13, 2006
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