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The theory that women have to pay more than men for the same items, such as razors. However, there is a reason for this. Because women tend to shave more parts of their body, such as their legs, while men only shave their face. Therefore, women’s razors will be more durable and be built to shave more than just the face. Because of this, women’s razors will cost more to make, thus making them more expensive. There, it’s not sexism or male privilege. Take off the patriarchy glasses, feminists. Look at the facts for once. Also if you’re so upset about this, just buy the men’s razors. They’re the same thing right? Just don’t start crying when you’re legs are bleeding afterwards.
Dumb friend: Did you know that women have to pay more than men for the same products? It’s called the pink tax. This world is so fucked up.
Me: The only thing that is fucked up is your mind. Stop eating all the feminist propaganda and look into the facts.
by Theobviousfemalehater July 08, 2018
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the proven theory that women, though only paid 78% as much as men, pay more for everyday things branded 'for women' than men do, such as 'women's shampoo, 'women's razors, and 'women's deodorant.
because of pink tax, sandy paid $5 more for shampoo than Johnny.
by pbm02 May 08, 2015
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