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A gang that started up in Walnut, CA. There home turf is located on Amar street. You can find them hanging out at the arcade playing marvel vs. capcom 2 and guitar freaks. if you look at them, or even say a word they will kill with semi automatics which they carry in their lexus'. They are usually see driving lexus' typically IS series. They are usually wearing pink and carrying weapons. They are the most viscious gang in this area, and are spreading by rapid descent into the neighboring city, Chino Hills, CA
person 1:AYE Arlen its the pink spiders, they want your bapes RUN!!
person 2: may'ne wut da fuk is da pink spidaz, youz lieing
person 1: when they peel off your skin and hang you and steal your bapes, dont come crying to me.
by Al phonse Elric September 02, 2006
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