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when a guy&girl are having anal sex and right before the guy cums he hits the girl over the head with a pink sock so her butt cheeks clench.
My girl finally agreed to do anal, but i pulled the pink sock trick: bad idea.
by SHANNONR6909 October 28, 2011
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pink sock, november 1st, day is when a guy has to ask a girl out and she has to leave him on read for 2 hours and facetime her friends at night and figure out what to say because she doesnt really like him
Susan: omg its 1 november, its pink sock day today!

Lucy: shoot i hope Sam doesn't ask me out, i don't even really like him!
by h1234i2345 May 28, 2021
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To acheive the state of pink sock, remove your spacesuit upon exit of the stratosphere. Marvel at your decompressed intestines as they ooze out of your body forming a spagettified pink twin of your former self.
"Um Captain, it seems that some cunt-for-brains left the shit shoot open. All matter is currently being vaccummed into space. Shall we commence the ejection sequence?"

Captain: "It's only right. Pink Sock treatment awaits."
by dayum son who dat?! December 29, 2019
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A pink sock is where a man sticks is penis in his girls vagina and pulls it out so fast that her intestines come out on his dick
Man I gave that girl a pink sock now I'm being charged with capital murder no
by Codylmoore August 03, 2020
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Fuck a girl in the asshole punch her in the back of it tensions her ass, pull out and asshole comes with, around your cock. As a nice sleeve for you to cum in.
β€œLast night I was feeling depressed than I went over my parent in laws house and pink socked the fuck out of the family dog. My father in-law will be scraping those dingle berries off of that bitches ass for weeks.
That son of a bitch had it cuming. Tell me I’m a disappointment again, see what happens.” - Chad
by KissKingQueen6969 April 08, 2021
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