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A Pink Floyd fan chick is a young woman who is a fanatic and an enthusiast of the british rock band, Pink Floyd. Her charecteristics would usually be a hippyish, wild, very kind, a great psychedelic dancer and often devastatingly pretty in a grungy kind of way. Young stoner men are powerless to her flower power charms and almost motherly love to the Pink Floyd. You could say that a female was behaving like a Pink Floyd fan chick, in that they had taken up smoking and had stopped wearing any make up, but had become so beautiful in her own way, she turns heads at everyPink Floyd tribute band gig she graces. Pink Floyd fan chicks are psychedelic souls, that can be as gentle as Cymbeline, but then as wild and as sexy as Young Lust.
Two young stoner men were standing at a bar, sipping beer, watching a fairly decent Pink Floyd tribute band soulfuly strum their way through Wish You Were Here. A young woman swirls past them, wearing flared stone washed jeans, birkenstocks, a head band and a Piper At The Gates Of Dawn t-shirt. She smiles at the young men, and then begins to dance and sway, the multicoloured light show beating down on her.
"What a Pink Floyd fan chick." says one, staring at her.

"Yeah," says the other. "I would love to ask that Pink Floyd fan chick out on a date."
by pinkfloydian99 November 19, 2012
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