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What I am wearing right now, and NOTHING is going to change that. It's not a 'PINK FLOYD T SHIRT' It's the cover art for Dark Side of the Moon; their greatest album. Millions of these shirts have been sold, just like the album it's based on. If you think that makes me emo, think again.

My dad and HIS dad had this shirt. And anyone who thinks thats gay, is gay themselves. Stop calling it a Pink Floyd T-shirt, ass fuck.
by 1800 January 25, 2007
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The Dark Side of the Moon Album T-shirt that all the gay poser "rock" kids like. It is a Black T-Shirt.

Seen mostly on poser kids who claim to like classic rock, or by emo bitches who are trying to look cool.

Very similar to the Led Zeppelin T-shirts that are also worn by many classic rock posers.
"If I see another loser in a Pink Floyd T-Shirt, I'm going to punch them in the fucking face!"
by The Kicker April 04, 2006
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