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The type of princess that is so rare, that God isnt even sure how he created such a beautiful human being. They are usually funny, outgoing, beautiful, adorable, amazing to be around, very little and very delicate. 1 must never hurt a pineapple princess as there are consequences for doing so. Rumor has it that there is only 1 of these princesses in the world.
Guy #1 : Damn, do you know that new girl named Faith? Shes fine asf
Guy #2: Hell yea I know her. I'm finna tap dat.

Daddy BJ: Nerds , settle down now. Shes not just an object. That girl you're talking about is the most amazing caring fun loving girl, anyone could ever meet. Dont you dare hurt her. Shes just a little pineapple princess.

Faith: awww, omg, am I really?
Shahaley: omg, I wanna be a pineapple princess.

Daddy BJ: being a pineapple princess is not for everyone tbh. Its #notabigdeal
by Daddy BJ May 30, 2018
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An AWESOME girl that goes by the alias Sarah V. She goes around wearing a tiara when she is being a princess. Watch out, you might get rodded by her.
by B-Ran February 26, 2005
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