1. To be fly as hell
2. Fucken a whole latta bitches and still gettin mad respect
3. Havin fine gurls all ova yo dick 24/7
Drey: " Say my nigga fool o'l boy DayDay is PIMPIN, u seent him wit Jasmine, Kiesha AND Martha yesterday?

Mark: Chea dawg dat shit was tight man, tight.
by YoGuRlWhItN3y November 16, 2007
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Top Definition
To have the right clothes, in the right place, with the right hoes.
Look at him, Chris is one pimpin' motherfucker!
by ChristineB. November 06, 2003
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This term is often used by some I know as a kind of joke, not implying its obvious reason. Rather than having references to an actual pimp, it's used to describe something that's cool, in style, or amazes the speaker so much they can't think of anything else to say.
"Hey look! have no science homework today!"

"That's pimpin!"
by Kamo February 15, 2004
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1)When someone is working girls around a certain area
2) When somone is wearing nice clothes
3) When someone is getting all the girls
1) Ayo Ricky be pimpin dem hoes yo...
2) Ay playa dem timbs is pimpin!
3) Look at all deez guhz. im pimpin nigga!
by T.C July 27, 2005
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1)A pimp, or a man who "owns" a prostitute

2)Really cool
1)Jack's so pimpin', he's got like 20 hoes. They all ova him, fo sho.

2)Aimee: Did you see James's new car?
Matt: That pink Mustang? Hell yeah I did. That ride is pimpin'.
by Yours Truly June 22, 2004
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The act of being a pimp.
Ron was really pimpin' last night!
by Anonymous August 25, 2003
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1. nickname similar to playboy, playa, stud, pimp, etc.

2. adjective similar to fresh, clean, tight, gangsta etc.
1. you dont wanna mess wit me, pimpin'.

2. keep it pimpin' homie!
by queen_bee August 23, 2006
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