When your dick is so big that you could stuff it with cotton and your girl can sleep on it.
¨ḧow was your sleep?¨ "Good I slept on a dick pillow¨
by EEADKJW April 10, 2018
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Where you are about to cum but when your about to shoot you put it in the pillow then let it go. Then wait for the person to sleep
Haha guess what? I just did a dirty pillow in Justin’s bed
by Hit the slay button May 18, 2022
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an average just shapes and beats / ori and the will of the wisps / kirby triple deluxe / miitopia enjoyer
hyelo, i am the pillow and i like 2 characters
by January 27, 2022
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A term touring musicians use to refer to girls in different towns that they can hook up with.
I've got a tour pillows in New York, Miami, and Philadelphia.
by FuckTanner November 16, 2017
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Absolutely worst thing happening in the moment you are having/had/recently had
"today was a warm pillow" "damn, that party was a warm pillow" "I hope your day turns out to be a warm pillow"
by U_peiceof_corn July 13, 2022
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A sex pillow
It is used to help when two are having intercourse. It helps make the sexual experance more comfortable for the partner.
“Babe my boobies hurt”
“Ok... I’ll get you a wedge pillow!”
by Aggie25 May 24, 2018
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