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1.) When someone is so incredibly annoying or says something so douchbaggery-like that you want to take a pillow and hold it on top of their fucking face until you smother them.
2.) Number one treatment used for Oral Diarrhea, Word Squirts, or Verbal Incontinence of any kind.

3.) The Quietist way to kill off people or things that are a complete waste of space, totally socially inept, or just really really old.
1.) If she doesnt shut her fucking face on that blue tooth I`m going to give her the pillow treatment!

2.) That gorked out patient from that god-awful Nursing Home is back for the third time this week! She needs a pillow treatment STAT!

3.) If that peg-leg tart cart doesn't shut up about his stupid mother fucking dog, I am gonna give him the pillow treament!!
by khaleesi c/o Drogo June 25, 2011
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