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A high school in Warwick Rhode Island known for producing the state's burger flippers and WWD's (waistoids with diplomas). The principal is Dennis Mullin, who at the pep rallies believes that the school is spelled "P-I-L-G-R-I"

After every rainstorm at least one classroom becomes a designated swimming pool.

Most students are either too dumb or too poor to get drugs so many snort salt and smoke oregano.

Student apathy is a must, and those without it transfer to a private school, such as LaSalle or "Mendricken"

The sports teams all are awful except for the girls soccer team for some strange reason. So in closing, don't screw with the girls there because they all obviously know how to kick hard.
Random Person: "What School do you go to?"
PHS Student: "Pilgrim High School"
Random Person: "I'm so sorry.."
by StatikGS October 07, 2008
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