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1. A Pigeon Twitch commonly is used in reference to take the place of a noun of the personal persuasion. There is usually only one "Pigeon Twitch" in a group of friends. These people can usually be described as witty, alluring, chill, and sometimes akward in most of any social situation may it be intentional or not. The "Pigeon Twitch" usually can be known for expertly to illplaced humor depending on the akwardness of the situation that has arised. Such placements include but are not limited to saying "meow" instead of "now" in the word "rightnow". Pigeons are often very secretive in nature. Never ask a "pigeon" anything personal as he will lie to your face. Most people love their "Pigeon" in the group and linger on the words that might next come from their mouths as they are fulfilling and enlightening.

2. A super chill guy

3. Class clown

4. One who is somewhat secretively akward about personal details.
1. Pigeon Twitch: ... Hey guys I know your talking about how cool the new... Lamp is but guess what... Your 10x more likely to die by a falling coconut than by shark attacks... Based on yearly averages of course.

Crowd: Wow that was suuupppeeerrrr enlightening pigeon please do say something else.

2. Kayla and Amanda: okay pigeon we put together 4 possible addresses that you could live at.... Now effing tell us because your just too secretive!

Pigeon: wow... Who are you guys?

Kayla: why are you so secretive it's like your in the mob or something...

Pigeon: the world may never know.

3. Pigeon: hey where the eff are you?

Taylor: dude im so chill right now...

Pigeon: well you need to get over here rightmeow.

4. Pigeon: hey have you ever had squab?

Chris: What?! You eat your own kind?!

5. Chris and Anna: pidge you know.. We are all pretty akward..

Pigeon: ( while eating grits at dinner time). What I'm not akward at all..
by Past-tense March 24, 2010
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