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Beverly, MA. Where the goons don't stop killin'. Where all the bad boyz livin. Piff City I aint kiddin. More trees than the state parks, but we always got to pay off the NARCS. HAHAHA you know.
Squallz: Yo dog I got to roll into Piff City tonight.

Tim: That's where all the hardest niggz live son, be careful.
by Drop on da lock kid January 04, 2011
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Beverly, MA. A group of kids that turned into an all out movement. Piff City has completely taken over Beverly and is even used as the cities name just as often. With hundreds of kids now affiliated from all over they have a strong hold on the North Shore as a rising young criminal organization.
Them piff city boys got some balls, I could see them pulling some crazy shit in the near future.
by Beantown 33 January 27, 2011
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