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nohomo is a phrase that is uttered after a person, often unintentionally, makes a statement or action which, out of context, may seem homosexual in nature.

Pierre McGuire, the queen of NBC, has become known as a gay icon in an otherwise completely straight world. His use of giddy hyperbole in reference to a players abilities or traits, seldom using the phrase 'nohomo', has contributed to his name itself becoming a 'homosexual utterance' and so when mentioned in conversation by a straight man, must be followed by 'nohomo' to ensure said man's sexual orientation.

Use of Pierre's name without 'nohomo' is enough to make the boys question your lifestyle.
Marty: Man, did you hear what Pierre Mcguire, nohomo, said last night?
Doug: Yea dude, Pierre, nohomo, is a total boneshow for anyone in skates.
by WesleySnipez88 June 28, 2012
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