Piero is special. He's very affectionate and super flirty. With friends he tends to roast them but they do it back. You can go to Piero for anything and he'll help you with whatever it is that's going on. He tends to do things on a whim and is adventurous, usually down for anything. Piero is loyal to his closest friends and makes new friends easily. All in all Piero is one of the most amazing people you'll ever meet.
friend: "Piero is so hot!"
friend #2: "He's so nice too. Go flirt with him!"
by puppy puddles September 27, 2018
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piero,is a player. he goes around to get with girls. he has dated any girl that has came through his life.
he's such a piero
by doggygirl69 November 05, 2016
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He's an honest and loving man, if he cares as much as he says he does that would be a dream. He never fails to exceed. Date a piero.
by rick niark April 07, 2021
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