A saying you and your girlfriend might or should start saying. It means your hot or I wanna have intercourse or a substitute for you piece of shit!
Boyfriend: "Your a piece of sex babe ;)"

Girlfriend: "awwww thanks babe <3"
by CloutNibba January 21, 2019
To be at the epitome of sex-tacularness and no one will ever hurt you cause you are a piece of sex you brilliant shining god.
Chocolate man: "Cripple boy is a piece of sex"
Chocolate lady: "Yeah he is such a great person"
Huge intimidating black guy: "Hows that ass feel?"
(hearty slap on the ass)
Terrified white girley-man: "You are a real piece of sex, you know."
by cripple boy!!!! May 2, 2010