When you give your lover a piece of your mind for hurting you.
I pretended to not remember it was her birthday. I even ignored her. I thought I'd surprise her at the end of the day with a present and maybe take her out. But the end of that day never came...

She took it on herself — she thought she had hurt me because I ignored her. She didn't do anything wrong but she took in on herself! And so I took things too far and I knew I had to tell her I wasn't mad at her. I apologized to her but those never save your conscience. She forgave me despite it all. She forgave me because she believed in us through it all.

There isn't a day when I wish she would come storming into my house yelling, "I'm going to give you a piece of my heart for hurting me!". But that day never comes.

She's forgotten about it. I think. But I haven't and it makes me feel so guilty every time I think about it.
by Der Gelb Baron September 16, 2011
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