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the term was invented by Bart Simpson in the Episode "She of Little Faith" (Episode 275 - DABF02, Season 13) when homer was buliding a model rocket, Milhouse commented that he never knew that Homer was so interested in Science, but since Homer hates science (and nerds), Bart said Milhouse actually said "pie pants"... to which homer replied "mmmmm pie pants".... later he says "the word un-blowuppable is thrown around alot these days..." freaking hilarious!
mmmmm pie pants - a great food, and for simpsons geeks, another word for science
by adrian sky November 18, 2006
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1) a fantasy of homer simpsons...orignates from the simpsons the episode i forget.

2) a real cool invention
ummm, pie pants...

...and that's how pie pants saved the world
by andy vale August 04, 2006
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Referring to a women with a extremely
hairy Pussy!
I was going to eat her pussy but the Pie Pants was revolting. The 70's
AFRO STYLE is out!!!
by Sean Clark March 14, 2005
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What's so hard to figure out about this one? Pants + Pie = Pie Pants. The true challenge to this piece of clothing is trying to keep it on.
Shit, man - I wore Pie Pants to this party and they were totally gone in ten minutes flat!
by Andi- July 10, 2006
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