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One of Tupac Shakur's finest songs. I listen to it everytime I feel I've overcome an obstacle and/or proved a hater wrong.
Number one on my list, Clinton Correctional facilities, all you bitch asses, can you niggas see me from there? Ballin on ya'll punk asses!

All you punk po-leece..can you see me? Am I clear to ya? Picture me rollin, legit, free like OJ all day!

Anytime ya'll wanna see me again, rewind this track right here, close ya eyes, and picture me rollin.
by Greggt4736 February 19, 2009
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look at me now. or i am going to be better. not related to the definition of rollin
dude you suck

picture me rollin'.


picture me rollin'.

just like saying to said gangsta.
by skilevo July 14, 2011
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When Somebody Hates/Nags/Talks Down On You And You Know Your Gonna Be Better Than They Are In The Future You Say... Picture Me Rollin
Hater #1:Man Your Nothin Your Wack Son
Hater #2: Your Gonna Fail All Your Life
You: Ay You Know What? Picture Me Rollin!
by ztikS March 09, 2008
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