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1) Walking out of the blind when duck hunting without a dog to pick up the wounded ducks to bring back to the blind.

2) Driving around the parking lot of a bar or club at or around closing time looking for the girls too inebriated to find they're cars or to drive home and getting them to get in your car so you can drive them to home for some drunken, freebie sex. (Always to go the girls house, that way you can leave after she passes out and she won't know how to find you the next day).
1)We didn't have a dog with us this weekend when we went hunting so I had to be the dog and go pick up the cripples.

2)Guy#2: What you do last night?
Guy#1: Went picking up the cripples.
Guy#2: Word, you get any?
Guy #1: Yep, but the drunk chick threw up in my car.
Guy #2: Damn!!! What'd you do?
Guy #1: I almost didn't have sex with her.
by givit May 22, 2009
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