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A place populated by dumb, uneducated rednecks, mud crickets, and other sorts of meth using white trash. Almost everybody is related and if not they're from Atlanta. Everybody shoves Jesus Christ down your throat and I one does not except then well you're criticized for not believing in some magic man in the sky who got a virgin pregnant. Incest is...rampant and well observed on the western end of the County, while the Eastern End lives in Opulence, with mansions and shit. You may run into a few 13-year-olds who fit the description of an alcoholic with there mouths full of a whole can of Levi Garrett Dip. If you don't like football, your not Christian, and if you're not Christian you're not American. By God is a literal space filler, verb, adjective, and preposition here and Donald Trump is Next to god.
Susan- Hey Richie wanna go on a date?
Richie- No we might be cousins it's Pickens County Georgia after all.
by Wei Shingyang June 06, 2018
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