A motorized vehicle with over size tires, enough horsepower to rescue a three ton elephant from quicksand and a glove compartment filled with country and western CD's.
He bought a pick up truck to drive to work but then lost his job as an accountant and didn't need it anymore.
by bullshitzer June 2, 2010
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Two in the front, while leaving a full load in the back.
Charlie picked up a girl named Shelly at the club last night...and wanted to give her a Rusty Shower but she asked him to give her a pick-up truck instead...
by ear me now April 4, 2010
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Usually not the brightest people in Wisconsin/Minnesota.

When roads are horrible they think since they have 4 wheel drive the interstate turns into the autobahn.

Usually like to talk about things like being a confederate, farming, and drinking beer.
The last time I drove home from work in a blizzard a pick up truck driver flew by me, apparently 35 mph wasn't good enough for him like it was the rest of us, he was going 85...asshole.
by th3 protege January 4, 2009
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the way that a redneck, usually one that hails from the Southern United States, refers to their pick-up truck. The added "'em" is the addition of Southern dialogue to the general name of a common type of truck, and usually makes the person driving appear to be of low intelligence
Cletus: Its a darn tootin fine day here in Mobile, Alabama.

BillyJoe: sure is Cletus, its mighty-fine. Wanna go for a ride in my fancy Ford F-150 pick 'em up truck?

Cletus: Yeeeeeeeehaw lets go!!!
by BossMan94 July 26, 2011
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When you’re hooking up with your chick for the 7th time after being in Texas for like a year, but then right before you bust she pulls out a Magic the Gathering deck and challenges you to a duel.
Enrique: “Yo man, what happened with playing Sea of Thieves last night?”
Bernard: “Sorry man, my chick took too long picking up the truck from Yuma.”
by Balzar Danglin June 18, 2021
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