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The Mexican cousin of the Hot Carl. While the end results are the same, the ingredients of the two are quite different, and thus these relatives are not to be confused. While the Hot Carl may be composed of any and all food groups, the Picante Pedro is more selective. The only acceptable items are refried beans, tortillas, salsa, guacamole, and rice. It's hard to test the authenticity of one when you are covered in cellophane, so one must take the word of the giver.
Shit, man, all I've eaten in the past three days is Taco Bell. Audrey asked me for a Hot Carl, but I was cocked and loaded for a Picante Pedro. So I delivered, and she got so pissed when I told her it was a Picante P. I told her "Shit, woman. At least I didn't give you a tinted window like Ben suggested."
by David B. Cool October 20, 2004
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