To be zoned out, caused by using your cell phone.
My friend was driving me to work yesterday and got phoned out at a stop light, we sat there for 10 seconds after it changed to green before he snapped out of it.
by Nickropolis December 12, 2009
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When you are in a situation where all of the people you are with start talking on their phone.
Whenever I hang out with them I always get phoned out because they are constantly on the phone ignoring me.
by Michael Cullen January 7, 2008
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Derogatory. A corruption of the phrase "zoned out" but on your phone.
Is that kid okay? He's sure staring at his phone a lot!
He must be phoned out, probably writing edgy rap music about his life, no doubt this person is coo.
by Duncehatz May 3, 2013
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When a texting conversation with a boyfriend/girlfriend is really HOT and sometimes soppy. But they dont actually make out in real life.
Wendy: OMG Hayley was phone making out with Bruce like all day yesterday.

Laura: Yer why can't they just hurry up and make out!
by Yerpyerp November 14, 2007
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The brief frantic search that occurs when you you think you've lost your cell phone only to find it right in your pocket.
Matt- Why is Bob flailing around like that?
Mary- Looks like a cell phone freak out... yup he found it.
by Tall Cool One February 13, 2010
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To check your phone compulsively and without necessity
jeez, i can't stand being around mandy irl. tried to talk to her for 5 minutes and she phoned out on me twice!
by sisyphussisyphus December 26, 2017
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